US Census Bureau, Census 2010 Data for Woodland Park, Colorado

Total Population - Woodland Park - 2010
Sex and Age - Woodland Park
Male 3,571
Female 3,629
Under Age 14 1,356
Aged 15-24 819
Aged 25-44 1,599
Aged 45-59 2,043
Aged 60-74 1,131
Aged 75 and Over 252
School Enrollment
Population 3 years and over enrolled in school 1,982
  Nursery school, preschool 109
  Kindergarten 93
  Elementary school (grades 1-8) 746
  High school (grades 9-12) 582
  College or graduate school 452
Household by Type
Total households 2,919
Family households 2,144
  Nonfamily households 775
Average household size 2.47
Average family size 2.89
Housing Occupancy
Total housing units 3,194
  Occupied housing units 2,919
  Vacant housing units 275
Homeowner vacancy rate 2.5%
Rental vacancy rate 8.3%
Housing Tenure
Occupied housing units 2,919
  Owner-occupied housing units 2,232
  Renter-occupied housing units 687
Average household size of owner-occupied units 2.50
Average household size of renter-occupied units 2.37
Educational Attainment
Population 25 years and over 4,894
  Less than 9th grade 161
  9th to 12th grade, no diploma 142
  High school graduate (includes equivalency) 1,018
  Some college, no degree 1,258
  Associate degree 431
  Bachelor's degree 1,101
  Graduate or professional degree 783
Percent high school graduate or higher 93.8%
Percent bachelor's degree or higher 38.5%
Employment Status
Population 16 years and over 5,711
  In labor force 3,305
  Not in labor force 2,406
Employed civilian population 16 years and over 3,305
  Management, professional, and related occupations 1,299
  Service occupations 552
  Sales and office occupations 951
  Construction, extraction, and maintenance occupations 265
  Production, transportation, and material moving occupations 238
Employed civilian population 16 years and over 3,305
  Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, and mining 33
  Construction 353
  Manufacturing 125
  Wholesale trade 16
  Retail trade 450
  Transportation and warehousing, and utilities 115
  Information 344
  Professional, scientific, management, administrative, and waste management services 549
  Educational, health and social services 652
  Arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food services 351
  Other services (except public administration) 235
  Public administration 82


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